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Our goal at Ong Sam Bee is to provide our customers with the finest coffees available from around the world. We judge the quality of our specialty coffee quality by the intrinsic value of the green beans as well as the uniqueness of character that is exhibited by coffee from each farm, region, and origin country where we purchase coffee.

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Coffee, as they say, cannot be improved upon. It can only be ruined. So, while the conditions in which it’s cultivated are excellent, we make sure that our coffee still passes highly selective processing methods, designed to bring out each bean’s inherent potential. Once the fruits are hand plucked, the ripe fruit is sorted out by hand before it undergoes a thorough screening process that isolates the best of the bunch for final sorting and export. By the time each batch is roasted to perfection by our own Master Roaster, it’s been thoroughly inspected such that each coffee bean in every brew is a hallmark of quality.


At Ong Sam Bee, we’re in it for the long haul. Our supplier relationships are meant to be long-term sustainable partnerships. With every origin visit we seek to improve the quality of our coffee and improve our relationships with farmers, suppliers, and shippers. We review our partners to ensure their ethics, social, environmental responsibility, and business practices are aligned with our company’s guiding principals.

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